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About HK Professional

Experiences on Cleaning Area

The hygiene of an office, a laboratory, a shop or any other room is an important business card for any business. Our professional cleaning company operates in Delhi and its province and offers a specialized cleaning service, addressed to different types of premises, able to solve countless problems related to hygiene and environmental sanitation such as: basic cleaning, cleansing of carpet and parquet, and washing of external and internal windows. We are particularly specialized in the sanitation of offices, industrial plants, supermarkets, warehouses, construction sites and hospitals.

How We Work

Our trained and experienced staff members know the best use of technology; however, we also conduct training sessions for our employees to train them on the use of the latest cleaning equipment. Our health and education facilities are also unbeatable, plus our extensive experience allows us to provide all types of cleaning services with a high level of expertise.

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We clean new homes, offices and commercial construction sites. Our experts have professional knowledge over the years.

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Our representatives assist our customers carefully and quickly answer their questions with comprehensive information.

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We pay great attention to even the smallest details: we clean windows, carpets, coverings using special detergents in respect of nature.

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    We Also Provide These Services

    If you are searching for a Security Guard Services in Delhi then your work is over, we offer trained security guard for their customers. If you want to have the experience of an expert to optimize the costs of managing your facilities and infrastructures, Our Facility managements Services will be at your side to help you save on this complex category of expense.