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Living room is an essential part of every home and office which is mostly occupied by our lovely sofas which is frequently used in our living room. Sofa is a very important asset of our living room. But Invisible dust particles, stains, pests, termites and food crumbs makes our sofas dirty and health risking asset. Hence it is very important to get our sofas cleaned on regular intervals for a dust free and clean living room. Even if it looks clean, it accumulates dust and invisible particles. Hence our living room need extra care which we might not even notice. We at HK Professional Pvt Ltd provides Best Sofa Cleaning Services in Delhi – NCR. Your sofa needs to be clean to attract your guest, clients.

18+ Years of Experience in Sofa & Chair Cleaning Service

We at HK Professional provide cleaning services for Sofas, Couches, Recliners, Sofa cum Beds and all types of furniture. We have cleaned a vast number of sofas and hence we are bound to provide excellent quality experience. Our Sofa cleaning staff is well trained and experts so as to provide you assured quality and customer support.

Housekeeping team is dry cleaning sofa by the cleaning equipment.

HKPPL have specialized in the area of Sofa Cleaning with advanced and modern equipment and ensure that your luxury items gives beautiful looks to your living room. We at HK Professional is engaged in providing Best Sofa Dry Cleaning Services in Delhi – NCR to our high valued clients.

We offer Best Sofa Dry Cleaning Services in Delhi – NCR with utmost quality within a scheduled delivery of time with perfect execution and flawlessness. Our services are widely appreciated by our valuable clients that keeping us top rated.

Our 3 Way Sofa Dry Cleaning Process Will Make Your Sofa More Shiny & Clean  

Sofa dry cleaning results before and after.

The quality of any service can be determined by its process. Providing advanced systemic approach, we put your trust in our services. As far as our sofa cleaning services are concerned unlike others, we follow a modern and advanced three-way process to give the best sofa dry cleaning experience.

 1. Chemical & Scrubbing 

We make use of a powerful yet safe and non-toxic cleaning agent to inject into sofa thereby dissolving all the trapped dust and dirt. After that, we use our special and safe sofa cleaning product into your sofa and continue removing dirt from deep using soft brushes.

2. Vacuuming

Our expert and professional cleaners use power of vacuum cleaner over each and every corner of the sofa to provide utmost cleaning service. We use advanced, safe and non-toxic cleaning product to spray any dirty or stained areas on the mattress or sofa. This way we remove and suck the dirt and dust off from your sofa.

3. Extraction

Finally, we extract the entire cleaning products along with all the dirt using a wet vacuum cleaner.

Why Choose Us ?

Our cleaning methods sanitize every nook and cranny of your sofas. Our Best Sofa Dry Cleaning Services provides you best looking sofas with color and fabric protected to ensure longer life of your products.

  • Cleaned furniture
  • Complete Services in minimum time
  • Odour-free furniture/Sofa
  • Advanced and Non-Toxic cleaning products
  • Eco-friendly treatment to ensure maximum product life.

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