Sanitization Services


Day to day construction works, reconstruction of roads and dust from the outside road all are accumulated in your house. These dust particles also brings various germs and microbes along with them and float inside your house and sits on your gadgets, furniture’s, windows, etc. Domestic cleaning and dusting removes only surface dust but is incapable of removing dust particles settled and also is not effective on harmful bacteria’s and viruses. It becomes a major concern for making them dust and germ free. But you don’t have to worry as HKPPL has come up with Best Sanitizing Services in Delhi/NCR which will make your homes and surroundings dust and germ free.

Nobody wants to be exposed to bacteria’s, microbes, or germs. HKPPL provides Commercial Sanitizing services to maintain a healthy environment for employees and clients at your workplace and surroundings. Maintain a healthy environment in your home or office with our Best Sanitizing Services in Delhi/NCR.



  • HKPPL help keep items and your homes free of germs, bacteria, and viruses by providing Best Sanitizing Services in Delhi/NCR.
  • Our state of the art sanitisation process have been scientifically proven in universities and laboratory studies to be highly effective against microbes, germs, and harmful viruses.
  • HKPPL provides Best Sanitizing Services in Delhi/NCR by breakthrough technology that redefines the concept of a healthy living homes and surroundings. We use convenient, safe, and 100% natural and effective method that sanitizes each and every item in your homes, schools, hospitals, offices, etc. B
  • HKPPL comes at your location and deliver Best Sanitizing Services in Delhi/NCR. We do such an effective work that you enjoy the results and prefer us before anyone else.
  • Annual maintenance contract is also available with us at affordable prices.



We believe you and your family will sleep better knowing that your house has been cleaned and sanitised by HKPPL. That is why we provide Best Sanitizing Services in Delhi/NCR at very affordable prices so that more and more population have germ free surroundings and homes. Take the next step towards throwing disease causing microbes and minute dirt particles out of your sweet home. These germs and microbes are considered to be the single greatest cause of indoor allergies. Even if you do not have any symptoms, reducing exposure to the germs and microbes will reduce the chance of allergies and asthma in the near future.

HKPPL manages the issue of the germs, microbes, bacteria and viruses using a state-of-the-art sanitisation system. Our comprehensive approach includes a 3-steps process, i.e. vacuuming with high power, Industrial UVC sterilization treatment, and a 100% natural Neem spray.


Dry extraction

HKPPL uses the HEPA 11 filters as per EN1822, which filters more than 99.97% of particles which are as small as 0.1 microns including dust mites, pollens, spores, etc.

UVC Sterilization

At the second stage we use industrial sterilisation UVC germicidal to get rid of any kind of germs and provide complete sterilisation.

Neem Spray

HKPPL uses the combination of modern science and our ancient science to make use of Neem spray so as to provide our clients a 100% satisfaction from our services.